Hey friend, how’s it going? Pretty good, just hanging out, so to speak. Ya, cool, cool. Whats up with you, playa? Don’t call me that.  k sorry… Whats up with you? Not too much, I’m starting a music blog.  Oh yeah? You’re finally making the leap eh? Ya, I guess you could say that. So when are you going to attend the world consortium of ex-bloggers? Nice, starting early then with the discouragement then? I do what I can, keeps you grounded. Someone has to do it I guess.

So what makes you qualified to do this blog? I mean, everyone on the internet has a music blog, whats going to make yours special? You mean aside from the Psychobabble journal entries? Well, ya. Aside from that. Well, hmm I don’t know, I believe my opinions are based on fair observations and my taste in music spans generations. So you would describe fair as what? Hmm, well I’m pretty certain most people out there listen less actively to music as I do, they don’t break it down and listen to the nuances and such. So you think that just because you study the actual music rather than form blind opinions, that makes your opinion more valuable than the other folks out there? Not more valuable, really. Lets say… unique? That is fair, I guess.

What kind of music are you going to review? Anything creative, really. But I’m not going to simply review music, I’m planning on going to shows and commenting on classics from before you were born.  Freude would have a stroke. What?  What? I’m confused. Apparently, nevermind. Anyhow, I want to do commentary on what a given song means to its containing genre, and what it means to the direction of music as a whole.  And why stop there. Exactly! Some songs even have a profound effect on society as a whole.  Give peace a chance. Precisely! No, No. You’re talking too much, lets get on with it. Oh, c’mon, its my blog after all, who invited you? I’m stunned, and slightly hurt. I’m not appologizing to the Psychobabble voice.  Fine, I quit. Have fun with your blog.