What happened to the protest song? When did we stop caring? Why is Green Day and Bloc Party the only ones writing songs with any social awareness? I know… I know there has to be others out there that are writing good protest song and just haven’t come to mind. Yes, don’t forget The Flaming Lips. RIGHT! This is a great example of what I was getting to. The Flips understand that not every anti-war song has to be angry.  I don’t think the Flips could come up with an angry song if they tried, they are jubilant by nature.

Ok, this is for everyone who reads this.  That is laughable shh… This is for everyone who reads this… If you know of any protest songs, post a comment, I want to check them out. Hell, even if its a local group, or even your own. Tell me about your music! I want to hear it! If I like it I’ll give you a review!