I’ve had a question sitting at the back of my head for a while. I hope someone can answer me. I encourage you to comment!

What happened to Wilco after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? It seems to me that the last 2 albums (A ghost is born, and Sky Blue Sky) have been… not good…? Was it that Leroy Bach left the group and some creativity went with him? Is it because the preasures of their growing success put the kibosh on the type of wild creativity that flowed so fluidly with YHF? Or was it that YHF was some sort of awesome cosmic freak accident? (Would be very unfortunate and I highly doubt this is the case.) Has Jeff Tweedy said anything regarding it? Or is it that I just haven’t given the albums a chance

Anyhow, post comments! I need to know… just to satisfy my own aching desire to know.