This is one of the videos we got from the Pikeroom on November 1st 2008. We played after Tone & Niche and Ether Aura.

Rob Lundy and the Cold Lantern Regime – No Questions

Well I slave for my pay, and they take it away
For their bailouts and kings of Arabia
Where we once had a voice we have two poorman’s choices
What they stand for, I couldn’t tell ya

But they say we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine
‘Till the end of our days we’ll be fine,
So just fall in line, fall behind
No questions, they say we’ll be fine

I thought it was me that I just couldn’t see
What it took to exist in this classless society
It was my big surprise, when they opened my eyes
The curtain came down and they dragged

The house to the ground,To the ground
Are we really the type to fall and not make a sound, Tear it down
Start swimming or we’ll surely drown