Sandro Perri - Tiny Mirrors

Sandro Perri - Tiny Mirrors

Sandro Perri – Tiny Mirrors – 7/10

Embracing the beauty of imperfection has been the rage these days it seems. Though risky, if done correct will bring all sorts of incredible texture to a work of music. Sandro Perri manages to accomplish this fine ballance and make it look easy. Tiny Mirrors is smooth as buttered glass… if that simili is appropriate… or… not too odd. Great for a dim and lazy autumn day.

A rendition of Fred Neil’s Everybody’s Talkin’ makes an appearance. Though at first I didn’t quite like it, it seems to be growing on me a little every time I listen to it.

My only standing negatives:

Sometimes throughout various points in the album, things seem to get… confused. Almost to the point of sounding irregular and sloppy.

A healthy dose of caffeine should be administered shortly before embarking on this one.. It has the power to lull you into a half sleep. I’m not exactly sure if that is a BAD thing or not, it might not be something you want to listen to on a late night drive after a long hard day at work.

Songs of Interest:

  • Family Tree
  • Everybody’s Talkin’
  • The Mime

I figured that since this was my first crack at any sort of review, I would start with an easy and familiar one:

The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride – (8.5/10)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is one of those rare albums that, once familiar, there is a desire to sincerely thank the musicians involved in its production.

It took a while for this one to grow on me, but the ones I like the best always seem to do that. John Darnielle’s anomalous voice is SO not radio friendly, by any stretch of the imagination. At the same time, when he sings, he delivers more meaning and comfort than simply the words alone can bring.

Darnielle’s other great assets are his songwriting and storytelling abilities. Though simple his style is elegant and to the point. With the poetic and introspective lyrics accompanied with a prefect mix of instrumentation to make each song an experience.

My only complaint is that when mixed with their previous work, thins start to sound a bit “samey”. However it doesn’t keep this one from being one from going on my Recommended list.

Songs of Interest:

  • San Bernadino
  • Heretic Pride
  • In the Craters On the Moon
  • Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident